• Image of custom tussie mussie
  • Image of custom tussie mussie
  • Image of custom tussie mussie

Since medieval times, tussie mussies have been small flower bouquets given as gifts. Particular flowers were included for their special meanings. This modern version takes four natural elements and displays them in a beautiful little shadow box, perfect for displaying on a wall or keeping tucked away with other treasures.

Customise your tussie mussie to suit the message you'd like to send.

Choose any four elements from these below, or contact us to request something you don't see here:

- dried JUNIPER for protection
- dried THISTLE for independence
- dried CELOSIA for singularity
- dried ROSEBUD for love or happiness
- dried MIMOSA for friendship
- dried HYDRANGEA for gratitude
- dried WAX FLOWER for riches
- dried HEATHER for admiration
- dried LAVENDER for constancy
- dried ROSEMARY for rememberance
- gold-dipped EUCALYPTUS berries for protection
- hand-painted PEBBLE for stability
- cotton-bound WRAPPED STICK for guidance

Your tussie mussie will come in a lovely vintage wooden codfish box with sliding lid (the inside of the lid features the original codfish label). Includes hook on the back for wall mounting and a label on the back explaining the meanings. Measures 6" (15cm) x 4" (10cm) x 2" (5cm) deep.

The images here are just an example as your tussie mussie will be individually made for you!